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  • Audience.  Every month, Desert Exposure reaches more than 25,000 readers across Southwestern New Mexico who avidly seek it out (81% read every issue).
  • Value.  Our ad rates are incredibly reasonable. You can reach twice the readers at half the cost with Desert Exposure compared to some competitors.
  • Unique Reach.  Your ad is seen in Silver City, Las Cruces, Deming, Lordsburg and throughout Grant County, plus Columbus, NM, and Globe, Ariz. No other single publication reaches even half of Desert Exposure's audience, and no daily newspaper can deliver your ad to even a third of Desert Exposure's unique readership.
  • Exposure.  Advertising in a monthly means your ad is seen a long time by a lot of readers. The average Desert Exposure reader spends 1 hour 45 minutes reading each issue, and 51% save their copy all month or longer.
  • Results.  Our advertisers report consistently strong response to their ads.
  • Affiliation.  Desert Exposure is enormously popular and fills a unique niche in the community. When you advertise with us, consumers will identify you with their favorite publication.
  • Growth.  In the last four years, our circulation has more than tripled.
  • Community. We support and promote local arts and community organizations. Supporting Desert Exposure helps the whole community.
  • Customer Service. Ours is excellent (ask other advertisers!). You will get a faxed or emailed proof of your ad, and invoices each month. If we make errors, the ad is FREE!