D  e  s  e  r  t     E  x  p  o  s  u  r  e    December 2005


Running on Empty
Peak oil globally inspires sustainability efforts locally.

Silver and Bells
Does the name
"Salvation Army"
ring a bell?

Church Potluck
Inside the 1st Church of What's Happening.

Flexing the Faith Muscle
Battling Juárez' poverty and disease—
and a land grab.

Making Water
Run Uphill

Gene Simon has
done it all.

Living and Dreaming in the American West
Blame our stories for the confusion that is the modern West.

Getaways: Dude, That's My Horse
Visit a dude ranch in winter? Absolutely.


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The Tumbleweeds Top 10

Who and what's been making news from New Mexico this past month, as measured by mentions in Google News (news.google.com), which tracks 4,500 worldwide news sources (trends noted are vs. last month's total hits; * indicates new to the list). Number in parenthesis indicates last month's Top 10 rank. New Mexico's senators surge as Gov. Bill's glow from North Korea trip fades and presidential buzz shifts to that other Democratic governor, Virginia's Mark Warner.


1. (3) Sen. Pete Domenici—1,560 hits (up)

2. (#1 last month) Gov. Bill Richardson—1,300 hits (down)

3. (6) Sen. Jeff Bingaman—894 hits (up)

4. (2) Gov. Bill Richardson + North Korea—465 hits (down)

5. (5) Gov. Bill Richardson + 2008—209 hits (down)

6. (4) New Mexico illegal immigration—149 hits (down)

7. (8) Billy the Kid—139 hits (up)

8. (9) X Prize—109 hits (down)

9. (7) New Mexico Minutemen—53 hits (down)

10. (10) Gov. Bill Richardson + New Hampshire—10 hits (down)


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