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A Voyage of Artistic Discovery

Columbus Day weekend, Oct. 7-10, brings the annual opportunity to explore art at Silver City's Weekend at the Galleries.

Columbus probably didn't have Silver City's annual Weekend at the Galleries in mind when he set off in 1492, but 513 years later here we are: The highlight of the town's visual-arts calendar is now a fixture on Columbus Day weekend, Friday, Oct. 7, through Monday, Oct. 10. Art lovers will have the chance to discover works by more than 200 artists in 25 participating galleries. Presented by the Mimbres Region Arts Council (MRAC), the weekend-long event will also feature a wine tasting, an outdoor sculptural exhibit and a dance, as well as gallery openings and art walks.

The weekend kicks off Friday night with the traditional "Taste of Wine Gala" from 5-7 p.m. at the Ikosaeder Gallery, housed in the recently renovated Elks Club at 315 N. Texas. Tickets can be purchased in advance at the MRAC office or at the door for $12. The wine gala is a fundraiser for the MRAC and the purchase price includes a commemorative wine glass and the first taste of wine. Several wine choices will be available. After the initial complimentary taste, additional wine can be purchased for $5 a glass.

On Saturday evening, Oct. 8, the popular five-member world/Latin musical ensemble, Compas, will play at the Buffalo Dance Hall on Bullard Street, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. The group's energized musical mix is highly danceable, and Compas has played to large crowds in Silver City, where they call home. Formed in Silver City in 2003, Compas is made up of brothers Andrew and Peter Dahl-Bredine on nylon string guitars and vocals, Michele Parlee on bass and vocals, and Jerry Boswell and Debaura James on percussion. Compas explores a variety of world music rhythms, including Brazilian Samba, Gypsy Rumba, Reggae/Caribbean sounds, Afro-Cuban rhythms and other African styles. Tickets for the dance are $8.

Click the map to enlarge it.

A special outdoor sculptural exhibit has been added to the weekend's events this year, with pieces displayed at several sites throughout the downtown arts district.

The participating galleries will hold openings from 5-9 p.m Friday evening, followed by Gallery Art Walks all day Saturday, from 10 a.m.-9 p.m., and on Sunday and Monday from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Many new works will be on display. Weekend at the Galleries "gives us a chance for exposure that we don't get all the rest of the year," says artist and gallery owner Lois Duffy. "It brings in a lot of people from out of town. Many of us are working all year to have new work ready for this."

Here's a rundown of galleries participating in the 2005 Weekend at the Galleries, along with previews of some of the work you'll be seeing:


Art & Conversation

614 N. Bullard, 534-4881 www.lizardbreathranch.com

Silver City's contemporary craft gallery featuring nationally known local artist Janey Katz, who cuts "Critters from the Hood" from roofs, hoods and doors of old pick-up trucks. Katz will be present to answer questions and demonstrate her "cutting edge" techniques.


Atelier 108 McCray on Broadway

108 W. Broadway, 538-9538 www.dorothymccray.com

Atelier 108, located in the heart of the downtown historic district, will feature artist Dorothy McCray, modern and contemporary paintings and prints, as well as artist Patricia Taber's plein air paintings of the Southwest.


Azurite Gallery

110 W. Broadway, 538-9048 www.azuritegallery.com

Azurite Gallery features contemporary designer jewelry by Linda and Cecil Boatwright, watercolors by Marilyn Gendron, Southwest landscapes in oil by Sandy Urban, pastels and acrylics by Linda Boatwright, and pottery by Vicki Conley and Stacy Schwarz.


Black Market Warehouse

402 Black St., 534-3147

Open space for artists who don't have a home or need a large show space.


Bloomin' Gourdworks

211-A N. Texas St., 534-1071

This new gallery showcases fine arts with a "twist," created by artists Bob and Casey Luria.


Blue Dome Gallery

307 N. Texas St., 534-8671 www.bluedomegallery.com

The gallery exhibits work by 30 nationally recognized artists of fine craft and art. The work includes sculpture, jewelry, glass, furniture, folk art, painting and contemporary pottery. Blue Dome will introduce new work by Marilyn and Cecil Howard. Also featured will be ceramics by Cynthia Spencer and paintings by William Shumway.


College Avenue Collection

114 College Ave., 534-0690 www.collegeavenuecollection.com

Featured artists are: James Hemphill, photographer; Romaine Begay, potter; and Frank Milan, colored pencil.


The Copper Star and Turtlebird Studio

211-D N. Texas St., 388-2271

Silver City's newest gallery features the whimsical ceramic and stoneware sculptures of Kristen Cameron.



104 Yankie St., 538-8081 www.eklektikas.com

The gallery will feature: Turid Pedersen, oil paintings and drawings; John Gary Brown, oil paintings; Patrick Mullen, blown art glass; Carolyn Cozad, jewelry design; and Michael Metcalf, sculpture.


Elemental Arts

106 W. Yankie St., 590-7554 www.gourdweb.com

This gallery will feature gourd vessels and masks by Valerie M. Milner, Mata Ortiz pottery, mixed media paintings by Paul Wilson, fiber arts, photography, furniture by LC Crow, and jewelry by Terry Davis.


Gila House

400 N. Arizona, 313-7015 www.gilahouse.com

One of Silver City's newest galleries.


Gila Resources Information Project

305-A N. Cooper St., 538-8078 www.gilaresources.info

Photographic works of Michael Berman are featured. A percentage of all proceeds will benefit the Gila Resources Information Project.


Ikosaeder Gallery

315 N. Texas St., 313-5993

This new Silver City gallery, housed in the former Elks Lodge, features oil and acrylic paintings, metalwork and sculpture by David Mulvenna.


Leyba & Ingalls Arts

315 N. Bullard St., 388-5725 www.leybaingallsarts.com

Featuring new works by artists Ralph Bakshi, Susan Brinkley, Christana Brown, Dana Dalton, Dayna Griego, Wil Hanson, Gordee Headlee, Judith Hilmer, Diana Ingalls Leyba, Constance Kinuppel, Terry Matelson, Phillip Parotti, Joe Theiman, Zoe Wolfe and Melanie Zipin. Make a tile for the MRAC's ongoing Community-In-Tile project; $10 per tile goes to the MRAC Mural Project Fund.


Lois Duffy Art

211-C N. Texas St., 534-0822 www.loisduffy.com

Lois Duffy will be showing large acrylic paintings of surreal visions and well-known faces and places in her spacious renovated gallery. Also featuring Joseph Teller (formerly of Four Red Bats), exhibiting his classical ceramic forms.


Luna Gallery & Studio

108 W. Yankie St., 534-4702 www.luna-tic.com

This new gallery and studio of jewelry designers Ginny and Mark Neumann features works by Ann Simonsen, Sarah Teofanov, Kay Wilson, Earthsea Pottery, Chris London, Brandon Phillips, Masak Pottery, Sheilah Grebe, Gene Morandi and Michael Kuntz.


San Vicente Artists of Silver City

109 N. Bullard (at Silver Spirit Gallery), 534-4401 www.silvercityartists.org

San Vicente Artists is a diverse group of professional artists and fine crafts people.


Silver City Museum

312 W. Broadway 538-5921 www.silvercitymuseum.org

The museum, a beautifully restored 1880s historic building, will feature works by William Riddle Warner, an early 20th century artist from southwest New Mexico.


Silver Spirit Gallery

109 N. Bullard, 388-2079

Twenty-five artists show a wide variety of items from oil to photography to pottery and jewelry in this downtown gallery.


Sound of Light Studio

17 Sanctuary Rd., 388-2140 www.soundoflight.org

Rick Van Ness offers 3-D mixed-media works blending brass, glass, silver, stone and steel. He uses new and found materials draped over structural steel to make a work of art.


Thunderstruck Art & Design

401 N. Cooper, 313-3371

A photography gallery featuring the work of Alicia Edwards. The gallery shows traditional silver gelatin prints as well as archival giclee prints, sun prints and mixed-media collages.



602 W. Market St., 534-3147 www.weelearts.com

Features contemporary mixed media and ceramics by Tad van der Weele.


What's A Pot Shop

300 N. Arizona 388-2007 www.harrybenjamin.com

Harry Benjamin's gallery/studio features his acclaimed paintings of the Gila Wilderness and his pottery of the Southwest. The guest artist this year is Aria Da Capo, exhibiting new sculpture pieces.


WNMU Francis McCray Gallery

1000 College Ave., 538-6517 www.wnmu.edu

The WNMU McCray Gallery, located at the top of 12th St. directly behind the Fine Arts Center Theater, is the flagship exhibit space for southwestern New Mexico. It will present an exhibit by the WNMU Visual Arts Faculty.


Yankie St. Artists Studios/Artickles

103 W. Yankie St., 538-0465

Features Lee McCune's paintings, photography and sculpture and Patrick Fraser Rogers' landscape painting in a show titled, "Outcroppings: Neither God Nor Computers Will Save You."


For more information about the weekend's events, or to purchase tickets for the Taste of Wine Gala or the dance at the Buffalo Dance Hall, stop by the MRAC offices in the Wells Fargo Bank building on Pope Street, or call the arts council at 538-2505. Information also is available online at www.mimbresarts.org.


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