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One thing you can count on is change. You can wait for change to happen—or initiate it yourself.

You can always trust that your life will put you through changes. One good friend to the Silver City community, John Fridinger, experienced this recently when his well-schooled horse was spooked. The horse reared and then fell over backwards, trapping John underneath. With a pelvis broken in four places and several other painful disruptions to his body, John's habitual daily life was changed in an instant. "Change, surrender and opening my heart seem to be a lot of what it was about for me. . .," he emailed, "even when I don't realize it that way and want to get away from it/myself. Letting go 'to what' is what is most scary…. Being kind to myself and trusting in the Universe seem to be hard places for me at the moment." Thanks for your honesty, John.

Accidents happen. But it's also true there are no accidents. In this polarity-driven world, it all depends on the perspective and the fact that the process of an event has many layers. Personally I believe there are not nearly as many accidents as we'd like to think. So-called accidents are most often a result of attracting and manifesting energy. They carry a deeper purpose than may be apparent.

All life is interconnected, interrelational and interdependent. (It's interdimensional as well, but I'm not dealing with that here.) This universal interdependence is responsible for the side of the coin that says there are no accidents. Behind the appearance of an accident or coincidence, there are other forces at play. Universal, cosmic, divine forces, if you will. Karmic, fate-full relationships in play. Life is an interplay of energy with infinite combinations of playout. Sometimes we draw to ourselves experiences that are so in conflict with what we think should happen that we name them "accidents."

On the other hand, from many wise sources I've heard that, occasionally, things happen that aren't suppose to happen. God does make mistakes. (Who are we to say that He-She-It doesn't?)

The cosmic computer is not glitch-free.

All of which means you can't count on accidents to tell you when they're going to happen.

Although Earth is composed of the same living, aware energy as the beings that inhabit her, we don't call natural disasters "accidents." Only humans seem to be capable of having them. But we are beginning to see how human activity affects the Earth, causing changes. We're also learning that we can't say "oops."

I believe areas of the Earth have their own energy/personality that co-mingles and interlocks with our personal, human energy. A place can call to you and you can have a love affair with it as you might with any human. Silver City is a great example of such a place. Its unique personality and magnetism put all of us through our paces. Just look at the revolving pattern of short-lived businesses on Bullard Street. That's no "accident." And the Gila River had an exciting winter. In Box Canyon this morning I saw water flowing strong in many new places—the traditional hike to intimate swimming holes obliterated. The river changed.

In terms of dealing with change, disruption and accidents, my Teacher liked to say, "It's not the life you live but the courage that you bring to it." When faced with dramatic events, those that dig into your deepest fears and prove that this mortal life is fragile, calling on courage is often the first step.

Courage can be found only inside your being. No one can give it to you. Calling on courage builds a feeling of security and strength. In terms of dealing with the seemingly bizarre realities being played out in the world today, I'm creating whatever internal security I can by balancing my life. Spending as much time inside as I do outside. Taking guidance from my quiet, meditative mind more than my active, social mind. I use to love living on the edge, but too many life-changing events have diminished that allure. Since it's not my nature to hold a peaceful equilibrium easily, I have to work at—practice it—daily.

Obviously, life tsunamis don't occur regularly. Being prepared for imminent death or massive destruction is one thing. Being prepared to deal with the non-life-threatening is another. When we are caught deep in the web of our 3D lives—so crushed by the reality we appear to be subject to (including political and social)—we forget the magic of it all. We forget to bow to the mystery, acknowledging Its presence all around us. Sometimes we even bring "accidents" to us so we can re-remember.

Because the current state of the world bothers me a lot, I recently asked the Universe for magic to re-enter my life—a reminder of myth and legend, the sacred and mysterious. Magic and humor are essential ingredients for a well-balanced life, I think.

If you are skeptical about magical, spiritual, otherworldly, interdimensional or parallel realms and you'd like some proof, it really is as simple as asking for it. Then watch what happens around you. If you ask it shall be given—the problem is, we simply don't know HOW it will be given. Our expectations get in the way. So you have to be very observant and neutral while waiting for the Universe to respond to requests. You also have to be prepared for surprises.

Thank God for the reality of changing seasons. Since springtime is the perfect time to seek out magic, and spring is again upon us, is it not a fitting time to observe the life you have created for yourself and do what is needed to spring-clean the winter away? To initiate whatever changes you may need, as opposed to waiting for them to drop in unannounced?

So dance (or, if you're John Fridinger, walk slowly and carefully) into this spring, smiling at the cosmic mystery all around and laughing with delight at the knowing inside you that "all is not as is seems" and "change happens whether we plan for it or not."

May you know your own Light, feel your own Joy, and reside in your Spirit— allowing that you are a spiritual being having an human experience. May all your changes help heal you.

Siri Dharma writes the Into the Future column for Desert Exposure whenever her schedule and the Universe allow.


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