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Three Views Through the Lens

"Triple Exposure" showcases three Silver City photographers.

Three very different Silver City photographers share their views through the lens in a single show, "Triple Exposure," opening Feb. 11 in the Gallery One space at 109 N. Bullard. The trio—Leigh Smith, Jess Gorell and Molly Patrick—have diverging styles but share a passion for the camera.

Leigh Smith's eye is focused on the human landscape. "I try to create a permanent link between the present and the future," Smith says. "To capture a moment and make it fixed and silent is an exciting challenge." Her images range from artistic nudes to the zany antics of a three-year-old. Her prints represent the many faces of Silver City, she says, and are a blend of both the traditional and the digital darkroom.

Jess Gorell says, "Moments to me are opportunities for crystallization, in one's own mind, inside the body of a camera." In her work, she tries to translate "the nuance of one reality to another," using primarily black-and-white film with natural light and a medium-format or 35mm camera. Her prints are typically signed, limited editions no more than 10-15. Gorell's subject matter ranges from portraits to still life to landscapes. "I find it hard to limit what is there to be captured," she says.

Silver City native Molly Patrick earned a photography degree from the Art Institute of Colorado, with her portfolio emphasizing fashion. After graduation she promptly moved to northern California with the hope of becoming a photography assistant; the closest she came to a photography job, she says, was a position as a lab tech at a photo lab. She moved back to New Mexico in 2003. As she goes through her days, Patrick says, she looks at the world in snapshot images and imagines what an ordinary scene could become through her creative process. "For those images to be transferred from my mind to print is a satisfaction which I could never give up."

The exhibition will be on view through Feb. 14. Contact Smith at 534-1199 or 538-1103 for more information.

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