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Candy Land

Silver City gets sweet on the arts with the annual Chocolate Fantasia, Feb. 12.

Valentine's Day means chocolate, of course, but in downtown Silver City it also means a delicious way to support the arts. Two days before Valentine's Day, actually, the annual Chocolate Fantasia rounds up local volunteer chocolatiers to create unique treats, which you can sample at 30 different sites. Originally a promotional brainstorm to lure visitors into galleries in the depths of February, Chocolate Fantasia has grown into a downtown-wide event. This year, shops of all sorts will again join more than a dozen galleries and studios to offer the handmade creations. Proceeds benefit the Mimbres Region Arts Council.

Here's how it works—sort of like trick-or-treating: Your $15 ticket buys you a site map plus the right to sample chocolates from up to 20 locations. Only 300 tickets will be sold, to guarantee that the goodies don't run out.

Participating locations for the 2005 Chocolate Fantasia, Feb. 12 from 12-5 p.m., are:

Alotta Gelato, 619 N. Bullard
Aldea Fine Art, 104 W. Broadway
Art & Conversation/The Curious Kumquat, 614 N. Bullard
Azurite Gallery, 110 W. Broadway
Blackwell's Jewelers, 218 N. Bullard
Bloomin' Gourdworks, 212 W. Broadway
Blue Dome Gallery, 307 N. Texas
Cienega Spa & Salon, 101 N. Cooper
College Avenue Collection, 114 W. College Ave.
EKLEKTIKAS II, 104 W. Yankie
Elemental Arts, 106 W. Yankie
Elemental Day Spa/Salon Experience, 406 N. Black
Everything Under the Skye, 111 W. Broadway
Fantastic Finds, 204 N. Bullard
FireCloud Traders, 209 W.Broadway
Flowerings & Silver Cooks, Yankie St.
Gila Hike & Bike, 103 E. College
Leigh Smith Photography, 109 N. Bullard
Leyba & Ingalls Arts, 315 N. Bullard
Morning Star, 809 N. Bullard
Pretty Sweet Emporium, 312 N. Bullard
Silver City Food Co-op, 520 N. Bullard
Silver City Museum, 312 W. Broadway
Silver Imaging Photo, 215 W. College
Silver Spirit Gallery, 109 N. Bullard
Thunderstruck Art & Design
Toy Town, 107 W. Broadway
Twisted Vine, 108 E. Broadway
Western Stationers, 703 N. Bullard
Workshops of Carneros, 405 N. Bullard

For information and tickets, contact the arts council at 538-2505 or toll-free (888) 758-7289, 1201 Pope St. (inside Wells Fargo bank building).

email: info@mimbresarts.org
on the web: www.mimbresarts.org.



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